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About Garnett's Beauty


Amaris Llamas, founder of  Garnett’s Beauty, was born in Utica, NY and raised in Lynchburg, VA. Amaris strives to, not only, embrace and enhance natural beauty, but to spread the love and laughter that Garnett shared with her. Garnett passed away in October ’95, and ever since, Amaris has only one goal: to make her proud. Just like Garnett, Amaris has two daughters she’s currently raising in Lynchburg, VA.


“My daughters deserve the life my mother intended for me and my sister. I plan on giving it to them.”


Garnett’s Beauty, founded in March 2020, is a place of love, empowerment, and beauty. Whether you want a natural or fierce look, Garnett’s Beauty is where to be.


“Makeup isn’t about hiding your flaws, it’s about enhancing your natural beauty.”


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